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Box Hedging Plants

‘Common Box’, Buxus Sempervirens

Box or Buxus hedging plants are evergreen and a great candidate for a low hedge. Box hedging is widely used as an edging plant around flowerbeds and pathways creating formal spaces. The dense habit of Box makes it ideal for hedging or screening and allows for close clipping into formal shapes for topiary. Box is very hardy and can survive the harshest of winters. Buxus sempervirens has small, glossy, dark green leaves are up to 3cm long. Box responds well to clipping and large hedges are usually clipped no more than once during the growing season. If a box hedge becomes overgrown it can be cut to within a few inches of the ground from where it will rapidly sprout and develop into and orderly feature once more.  An excellent choice for a dense, low maintenance evergreen hedge. Great for low hedges.


Our Box Hedging Plants for sale

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Please note: Minimum order on Rootballed plants is one pallet, Read More.

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Box Hedging Plants 3L Pot

Buxus Sempervirens, 'Common Box'

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  • Plants are 30-40cm in height
  • Recommended Planting Density 4 per metre
  • Evergreen, small leathery leaves, excellent for low hedges and topiary

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Our Minimum order for rootballed or Instant hedging plants is one pallet. The quantity of plants that fit on one pallet is shown for each variety and size. There is NO vat to add to these prices. Please contact us for a quote for delivery.
Rootballed plants are available in bigger sizes from October through to April, weather dependent. These plants are grown in bigger sizes going up to 3 metres in height. Rootballed plants are lifted during the plants dormant period. This reduces the amount of stress imposed on the plants and increases the chances of successful re-establishment. Plants are also lifted to order to minimise the time they are stored out of the ground before replanting. Although rootball plants may seem expensive many of these plants will be between 6-15 years old and will have been root pruned and trimmed many times before they are lifted. Rootball plants tend to be bushier than pot grown plants as they have been out in the field and more exposed to the elements. They are lifted from the field using specialist machinery and the soil rootball is hessian wrapped to protect it. This protective wrapping should be left on at planting and will naturally bio degrade.

Box Hedging Growing Advice

  • Box Hedge Planting Distances – 3 – 5 plants per metre
  • Evergreen Shrub
  • Features: Great for topiary and close clipped low hedges
  • Likes full sun or partial shade
  • Soil preference: Any soil (except very dry or waterlogged)
  • Unsuitable for: Very exposed windy sites or Waterlogged soils
  • Average Growth rate: Slow – 10 – 15cm per annum (Sempervirens, Common Box)
  • Trimming: Spring and Summer
  • How to plant Box Hedging plants
  • Also consider – Ilex crenata hedging / Japanese Holly